Flavia Bonfim  is an illustrator from Salvador, Bahia – Brazil, she is specialized in embroidery. 
Besides iFlavia traveled the world exploring and getting to know several embroidery techniques, she has a beautiful project “Bordar os Sonhos” that she developes with women from disadvantaged communities. She realized with success  in 2017/2018 the Project REVOLTI with more two Italians, where they photograph more than 100 illustrators and invited them to embroidery their faces. 
During her stay, she did  the first workshop, entitled The Face is a Map, with 12 Women, who had to work on deconstructed and reconstructed their portraits in layers, and then embroidered. Flavia Bonfim also made a small residence and painted in four hands with the artist Ike Glatz, who has a studio in Illustralabor. We had a night of conversations where the visitors, besides ask questions, use their creativity to paint on the table.


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