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On last December 2019, we officially opened our door. 

It was a very nice day,  we received around 200 people during the day to see our installations and appreciate our art exhibitions

All the time, we had a presence of the musician Achmed Kupka playing and singing his beautiful compositions, wich made the day very special. Thank you Achmed. Who wants to see his work, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMry-8lFUfo

At the day, we had the art exhibition from:

Patricia Scheld

Ike Glatz

Daniela Pensé

and Inge Landgraff, in Memory.  

All exhibitions can be visit until the end of March 2020

Also on this amazing day, we offered some workshops. At Ike Glatz Studio, people could produce wrapping papers with potatoes stamps. On Daniela Pensé Studio, star origamis and by illustralabor workshop room we got the beautiful ZINE workshop done by Glória Nogueira, an artist living in Berlim that makes lots of Zines and works at Zines Museum. It was very exciting see people creating their little stories. Thank you Gloria! Who wants to see more her works, her instagramm is: @glo_nogueira

We would like to thanks also all support and very nice help from Julia Wolf that was photographing and  filming our day. Julia is our communication and design support. Also Susanne Häberle who support us all the time and was a very important presence. We love to have you girls in our team! Thank you!

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