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BRASIL - Laura Teixeira - Mariana Zanetti - Elisa Carareto - Ana Matsuzaki - Daniela Galanti - Luci Sacoleira - Natália Gregorini - Sandra Javera - Patricia Scheld - Maria Caribé - Lia Cunha

ARGENTINA - Rebeca Luciani - Mariana Ruiz Johnson - Mariana Chiesa Mateo - Nella Gatica

ITALY - Resli Tale - Irene Servillo - Claudia Palmarucci

MEXICO - Amanda Mijangos

CHILE - Paloma Valdivia - Pati Aguillera - Sol Diaz

COLOMBIA - Elena Landinez

SPAIN - Africa Fanio

PORTUGAL - Yara Kono - Susa Monteiro
VENEZUELA - Valentina Fraiz - Cristina Sitja Rubio

URUGUAY - Alicia Baladan

INDIA - Roshni Vyam

FRANCE - Joelle Jolivei


Flavia Bomfim - Curator
llustraLabor - Production

Urgent imperatives for a dissolving world. The fall is a real sensation, but so is the desire to play with gravity. Here we unite our images and our manifestos, like a mantra, in an exercise of creating other and new routes. The route of fear is dangerous because it paralyzes and separates us. Here we are summoned to be together and to imagine terrains, ways, designs, and poetics.

To explode the beauty of our clamor on the
surface, to release any and all gaseous
production that oppresses us. May our hot larva destroy patriarchy, fascism, colonialism, necropolitics, and all the backlash we are witnessing in recent times. May our fertile larva also prepare this land that desires other economies and other politics. Revitalize the feeling of cooperation within us. Light up the feeling of belonging to a collective, the feeling of being part of something bigger than ourselves. Something bigger we are responsible for. Our body wishes, our drawing wishes, our writing wishes, our art wishes and our Earth wishes.

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