Collaboration with Flavia Bonfim

Flavia Bonfim is an illustrator from Salvador, Bahia - Brazil and specializes in embroidery.

While she has already traveled the world and got to know a wide variety of embroidery techniques,

she is working on a project called “Bordar os Sonhos” , which she is realizing with several women from disadvantaged communities. In 2017/2018 Flavia successfully implemented another project

called "REVOLTI" . Together with two Italians she photographed more than 100 illustrators and invited them to embroider their portraits.


During her stay in our illustration laboratory, Flavia led the workshop “The Face is a Map” .

Twelve women worked on their portraits by deconstructing them into several levels and then rearranging them in order to then embroider them later.


We were lucky enough to work with Flavia Bonfim for a few days. Together with Ike Glatz, who

has her own studio in the illustration laboratory, we organized a night full of valuable conversations. Here visitors could ask questions and let their own creativity run free and paint.


Check out her work on Instagram @flavia_bom_fim


Illustrator - Flavia Bonfim