Illustrations meeting with Pati



Every Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.



We propose a topic or give suggestions to experiment with certain materials in order

to create an illustration. The intention is to use this time creatively and to try out new things.


Please bring your own materials, such as:

your drawing pad, your favorite pens, different papers, things that you like to work with or

have always wanted to work with.

We look forward to getting creative with you

- always in connection with great conversations, snacks and drinks.


For whom: Illustrators and creatives who like to work in groups.


Price: 15.00 € per meeting

Open studio with Ike and Pati



Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.



Here you can deepen your own project

and or let us inspire and guide you.


Price: 10.00 € per meeting

Create your own masterpiece - Print with us!



On demand



We have the option of printing on a wide

variety of papers and fabrics with linocut, screen printing and monotype.

Beautiful t-shirts, bags and individual pictures can be your creation. Regardless of whether you have a motive in your head, literature and poetry or you want to experiment freely, there are no limits to creativity!


For whom: Our printing workshop is for everyone who wants to be creative, learn new techniques or want to try something new.

We are happy to organize groups of 2-8 people. Whether friends, family or a business event,

we look forward to seeing you! However,

we have set a minimum age of 13 years for

this workshop.



1 day: 50.00 € pp

2 days: 80.00 € pp

3 days:100.00 € pp


Including paints, papers and snacks


(Bags, T-shirts and fabrics must be

brought along)

Intuitive painting, accompanied by music

by Hermeto Pascoal



The course is currently not offered



Hermeto Pascoal is known worldwide for its quite unusual music. The aim of the workshop

is to break away from known guidelines and simply paint freely. We will help you to paint to the rhythm of the music and just let go of all thoughts and prejudices.


We want to create a creative Saturday evening with good music and even better conversations with and about great artists. Snacks and materials included.


For whom: This workshop is for everyone who likes to paint or thinks they would like to paint, but are still afraid of the blank sheet of paper.


Price: 75.00 € (including material and snacks)



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