Open Day 2019

In December 2019, we officially opened our studio doors. It was a very nice day, with

around 200 visitors who wanted to see and appreciate our installations and art exhibitions.​

During the day we had the pleasure to listen to Achmed Kupka’s live performance, playing and

singing his beautiful compositions on the guitar. Thank you Achmed, you made the day even

more special! If you want to experience more of his work, click hier. 


Included in the exhibition:​

Patricia Scheld

Ike Glatz

Daniela Pensé

und Inge Landgraff, in Erinnerung.  

Additionally, on this amazing day, we offered some of our workshops to interested visitors.

At Ike Glatz’s studio, people could produce wrapping papers with potato stamps. Especially our younger visitors loved this workshop. At Daniela Pensé’s studio, star origamis and at the

Illustralabor workshop room we had the beautiful ZINE workshop, coordinated by Glória Nogueira. Glória is an artist living in Berlin, where she works on different projects, including Zines in cooperation with the Zines Museum in Berlin. It was very exciting to see people creating their little stories. Thank you Glória! To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram:@glo_nogueira


We would also like to thank all additional supporters:

Julia Wolf, who documented this day for us. Julia is our communication and design support.

Susanne Häberle who supports us all the time and was a very important presence. We love

having you girls in our team! Thank you!


Photographer - Julia Wolf